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executive search, BANKING

Director of Legal Department at an international investment company, location – European state, EU passport

The client was a startup of an international investment company, and the owners were nationals of the Russian Federation and the United States. The new head of the legal unit had to select the main partners for the launch of operations in ten countries, organize legal entities in all countries of operation, recruit a team, and be in close contact with the owner of the company.
Key challenges
The company needed someone with very extensive experience in both large investment banks and startups, with a willingness to delve deep into operational processes and work in manual mode at the first stage. At the same time, a person with insufficient experience is not aware of a number of controversial points, which are important to prevent at every stage of the launch in a complex political and economic situation.

In addition, the candidate was needed urgently, so we could not consider working employees of European companies to prepare within two months after dismissal. We were looking for a candidate who had just left the previous company or was already finishing work.
Project progress and specifics
The project took three months from the time the position was agreed upon to the candidate's project employment date. The main challenge was to find candidates with the right experience and competencies. The process included interviews with Kontakt InterSearch consultants and the HRD of an investment company, two meetings with the owner, and initial introductions to potential partners. The inability to guarantee bonuses at the end of the first investment year was compensated by the entrance bonus for the candidate's entry into the project.

At one point we had to stop the project for a month because of the complication of several financial issues of the company. Throughout this time, we supported and motivated the candidates approved in the first phase.

Unconventionally, the candidate started work before receiving a formal job offer and was promptly hooked into a series of negotiations and processes already underway.
The candidate was able to quickly connect to all processes and get started on the tasks at hand (the project has only recently been completed).